“Boys with Entitlement Issues are Damaged”

A response to ROK’s article “Girls with Short Hair are Damaged”

Anyone who spends enough time on the internet will encounter an article written by Roosh and Tuthmosis, the creators of “Return of Kings”, a hyper masculine internet tabloid that embodies everything that makes me mutter “I hate men” with no remorse. We all know the type. Fedora, neck beard, covered in cheeto crumbs, breath that smells like e-Vape and Mountain Dew, mumble phrases like “men’s rights activists” and “not all men” and “m’lady”, oh, and believe in the elusive “friend zone”. So, you know, the one’s that you should “run far far away from”, much like Tuthmosis suggests you should do when encountering a girl with short hair.

I’ll do my best to keep this one short, because I can completely derail just about every sentence in this article, but I have a 1000 word limit, and I used 149 while I was typing that introduction. This article, titled “Girls with Short Hair are Damaged” claims that girls cut their hair as a result of wanting to copy each other and celebrities, and to try and alter our appearances to directly influence how men view us. But this was definitely one that brought out the inner shark.


Simply glossing over the author’s inability to determine opinion from fact (or rather he views his opinion as fact because he’s so damn important to the world, thank you God for gifting him to us poor women), and moving on to the meat of the article, it becomes quickly apparent how little this man knows about humans in general, let alone women. For instance he states, “The rationalizations—whether it’s donating their hair to sick kids or the summer weather—are immaterial.”

Recently, I chopped off my waist length hair (with my room mate’s fabric scissors no less) to just below my jaw, died it blue, gave myself bangs, and moved my part line. The foot and a half of hair I cut off was sent to Locks of Love, an organization that makes permanent hair pieces for children with disorders that cause hair loss and those going through chemo therapy. Some little girl is now enjoying the deep red hair that wasn’t doing anything for me but getting stuck in my mouth when it got windy. I also now live in an area where it is in the high eighties in late October, so the lack of hair is refreshing. Slightly less related, my girlfriend loves pixie cuts (a real surprise, considering short hair is supposed to be unattractive), and now we can lay together without him drowning in hair at night.

hathawaybeforeafterThe article also uses multiple celebrity “before and after” photos to try and get his point across. His examples are Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anne Hathaway. Aside from Audrey’s short hair actually being a tight bun, his choice of Anne Hathaway is very poor. Considering she cut her hair to look like a starving, half-dead french prostitute, and he uses a photo from the movie as her “after”, claiming it’s merely the haircut that makes her appear to be miserable, and not Fontaine selling her body in more ways than one.

jenniferlawrencecomparisonFor Jennifer Lawrence, he uses her “before” photo from a magazine shoot, and her “after” photo is a candid where she seems surprised or confused, and is taken from a somewhat unflattering angle, to purposely distort the view of her.

The author also claims that women have a proven “copy-cat” instinct, and cites this proven fact from an article written by himself, and comments that most compliments to girls with short hair come from people that “have no right to comment on the attractiveness of women”, such as gay men. One, have you seen the way boys dress? If I have to see one more pair of nike shorts, calf socks, and sandals, I may scream. Second, gay men have plenty of right to comment on people’s appearances, especially since so many top clothing designers are gay men, and just because you aren’t sexually attracted to someone doesn’t mean you can’t find them aesthetically pleasing.

Another false “fact”: that older women can’t grow long hair. My great grandmother’s hair reached the floor when she unbraided it at night, and of course, hair and fingernails continue to grow after death, so age really isn’t much of a factor. The reason so many older women prefer their hair short is simple: it get’s matted easier once grey, and many older women don’t have the arm strength to keep up with long hair, especially if they have arthritis or osteoporosis. Which unlike a “copy-cat instinct”, are real things humans can actually develop.

He also berates women who use somewhat vulgar terms in casual conversation, while referring to colleagues as “bitchy cunts” and discusses how “bangable” women are. Double standard? Maybe. Logical fallacy? Perhaps. Giant man-baby syndrome? Absolutely.

And if the article alone wasn’t enough to get under your skin, try reading the publisher’s response.


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