The I-16 Crash

The few of you who still occasionally check out this blog know that I am a student at Georgia Southern University. Yesterday morning five GSU nursing students were killed and two more are in the hospital. The accident was caused by two semis that didn’t stop for upcoming traffic, and caused a pileup. I didn’t know the girls personally but everyone on campus is kind of in a weird daze. Its humbling. One girl grew up in my hometown and I wouldn’t recognize her if I saw her on the sidewalk. One girl was in a five year relationship. One was so close to graduating. My heart goes out to their families and all my hope for recovery for the two girls in the hospital.


About Jessie

I'm just a college student stuck in the deep south with very few plans for the future. I like to talk about new wave feminism, guns, classic cars, fish, how outrageously gay I am, and really bad jokes. I don't get out much unless its a GoodWill run or I'm out of mac and cheese. Sometimes I do cute date things with my partner, other times I just stare wistfully at all the cute snakes I'll never own.

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