New Year, New Me

I am evolving as a person, a leader, and a blogger

11035473_870483369641351_1021128116530769552_n-2Hello everyone! If you’re still around I’m wonderfully surprised! As you all know by now this blog existed as an online portfolio of the essays written for my English course last year. Well, now it’s going to be sort of a personal diary. So I will be adding a new category: The Reef. The other categories will still exist and be updated occasionally, especially Chum (small rants that you can probably ignore).

So what’s new with me? A lot! I’m no longer a college freshman, for starters. Things are moving up for me. I changed majors: now I am pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. By my side is my beautiful girlfriend Wendy. Same relationship, new identity. Her transition has really opened my eyes to things I never even dreamed about, and she continues to inspire me daily to be a better person.

I have become a lot more involved with queer politics as a result. I was always interested, but never active. Now I am serving as Advocacy Chair for GSA, organizing a group field trip to Atlanta PRIDE, helping organize a diversity conference, and spending every day playing mother hen to my younger queer friends. I still identify as a pansexual cis woman, I’m just a lot more aware of other identities. (below are the shirts Wendy and I will be wearing to PRIDE)


Unsurprisingly, my brand of feminism has also evolved. While I never excluded trans women or sex workers from my beliefs, I also never explicitly included them. Well now I am. My brand of feminism is SW accepting, queer inclusive, racially sensitive, religiously tolerant, body positive, and anti-classist. Equality means equality for all, and I will stick by that until the day I die.

I’m very excited for the new year to begin. And I hope you’ll stick around with me through it all.


About Jessie

I'm just a college student stuck in the deep south with very few plans for the future. I like to talk about new wave feminism, guns, classic cars, fish, how outrageously gay I am, and really bad jokes. I don't get out much unless its a GoodWill run or I'm out of mac and cheese. Sometimes I do cute date things with my partner, other times I just stare wistfully at all the cute snakes I'll never own.

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