All Settled In

Off too a good start…


So things have been pretty relaxed around here lately. Wendy and I have settled into our domestic roles a little more, classes have been going well, all of that jazz. As graphic design majors, we’ve started taking on some independent commissions for extra cash, which helps support us along with my summer savings, and my work as a PSO. For the most part our professors have been pretty accepting of her identity and use her preferred name and pronouns, with the exception of one, but his class is attendance optional anyways.

The biggest piece of news is that we’ve become parents! 

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 7.01.50 PMWell, sort of. Don’t get too excited. I’m still infertile and afraid of babies. We have, however, adopted two very adorable tree frogs, who now reside in our kitchen. They’re White’s Tree Frogs, also known as Australian Green Tree Frogs, also known as Dumpy Tree Frogs. All of those names are misleading, except for “dumpy”, as they are quite chubby and lazy. They change between turquoise, light green, and a purplish brown depending on the humidity and where they’re trying to blend in to. Their names are Pompis and Guapo, and they’re my sweet squishy children.

Savannah Pride was yesterday and Wendy and I got a lot of compliments on our outfits. We carpooled with two of our friends and met up with two more once there, one of whom was celebrating their birthday. We hung out with the GSA’s of Armstrong and SCAD, pet some very adorable puppies, met some neat people, and I got a lot of free stuff, including a very cute “I ❤ Girls” button.

Speaking of Wendy, today is also our anniversary! It’s officially been one year with this amazing girl and I look forward to many more years in the future. Sadly I’m too sick to celebrate, so hopefully I’m better before next weekend and can make it up to her.


About Jessie

I'm just a college student stuck in the deep south with very few plans for the future. I like to talk about new wave feminism, guns, classic cars, fish, how outrageously gay I am, and really bad jokes. I don't get out much unless its a GoodWill run or I'm out of mac and cheese. Sometimes I do cute date things with my partner, other times I just stare wistfully at all the cute snakes I'll never own.

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