New Things In Queer Media

There have been a lot of new developments in the news lately surrounding the gay community. The Kim Davis controversy, all of the new upcoming movies, and the risk of a conservative president in the near future are some of the most commonly talked about. So here’s my opinion on those things.

Kim Davis:

People keep asking me what my opinion of her is, and honestly, I don’t have much of one. She’s a hateful woman who doesn’t understand the separation of church and state. That’s really all there is to it. She was not jailed for being homophobic, she was jailed for failure to do her government mandated job and workplace discrimination. She is not a Christian martyr, she was just able to pay bail. She is one small town county clerk who’s actions have gotten blown out of proportion. I don’t hate her, I think we need to stop caring so much about her, honestly. People like that are only famous because we turn them into celebrities.

Trans-focused movies:

There are absolutely no upcoming movies about trans people that I will be going to see. The biggest ones that are coming out in the near future are “Stonewall”, “About Ray”, and “The Dutch Woman”. They all have one thing in common: the main character, despite being trans, is being portrayed by a white, cisgendered, heterosexual actor. Now, why is this such a problem? For starters, the Stonewall Riots were started by black trans women of color. The movie has decided that none of these people were good enough to center the movie around, and instead the film is led by a young white gay man and his quest for his true identity. “The Dutch Woman” is also based on a true story, and while it varies less from the original story of Lili Elbe, one of the first documented trans women and pioneers of sex reassignment surgeries, there are still some glaring issues. For instance, Eddie Redmayne playing Lili despite looking absolutely nothing like her. “About Ray” varies from the other two in that it is a fictional story about a trans man named Ray, played by Elle Fanning. The director of this film purposely chose a cis woman to play Ray because she felt that a trans man was not the kind of actor that needed to be cast, as if there aren’t pre-transistion trans men who would have done a much more accurate and heartfelt performance. I could go on entire rants about these movies, but I will be waiting until after they come out to better respond. I will not be seeing them myself and support the petitions to boycott these movies.

The GOP:

A lot of people seem to be concerned that if a republican candidate takes the presidency in the next election, that marriage equality will be revoked. However, the president does not have the authority to override a supreme court decision like that. Now, if a republican candidate takes the presidency and appoints conservative leaning judges during their term, who choose to overturn the ruling, that would be a valid fear. However, I don’t believe that a turnaround like that would happen so quickly and without serious backlash. My last comment on that matter is simply #FeelTheBern.


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I'm just a college student stuck in the deep south with very few plans for the future. I like to talk about new wave feminism, guns, classic cars, fish, how outrageously gay I am, and really bad jokes. I don't get out much unless its a GoodWill run or I'm out of mac and cheese. Sometimes I do cute date things with my partner, other times I just stare wistfully at all the cute snakes I'll never own.

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