About the Author

I know what you’re thinking… how am I supposed to trust confidence advice from a girl who describes herself as fat and insecure? I promise I’m better at it than it sounds at first glance.

Hi, and welcome to the blog. I’ll be your guide to self-love.

I’m a college student here in sunny southeast Georgia. I enjoy the simple things in life: fresh coffee, bright lipstick, a well oiled semi-automatic rifle, reptiles of all shapes and sizes, and eight inch heels.

I write about very sensitive topics such as sex, gender, orientation, race, disability, ect. I may also make mention of rape, abuse, or foul language. I will do my absolute best to keep these to a minimum and warn you of anything ahead of time.

And this is me.


Oh, wait, no, that one’s a little old. That was back before I knew about body image. Let’s try that again.


There we go! That’s more like it.

That’s me on the right in the blue t-shirt, and the perfect little lady on my left is my baby sister. She’s the reason I was inspired to write this blog.

She started sixth grade this year, and has already asked me about the way she’s “supposed” to look, as if there’s a cookie cutter shape with her name on it somewhere in the back of the pantry. She’s scared people won’t like her because she’s the tall, artsy, nerdy, chubby girl with weird hair… and she’s not even in her teens yet! And it hurts. Because I was that girl too.  I know how it felt to be the tallest, the fattest, the weirdest, the only one with glasses, the girl with weird hair. And as soon as I started seeing it in her, the absolute light of my life, I cried myself to sleep.

I know how cruel the world can be. I went to public school while being openly queer, post pictures of myself online while daring to be above a size six, have been through hell and back with abusive partners, and survived sexual assault at knife-point by a close friend. Trust me, I understand what you’ve gone through, or can at least relate enough to offer advice.

And, I was able to gain my confidence recently, and learn to love myself for the incredible person I know I am. And I can help you do the same.


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