Related Links

If you have to go, go here!

For plus sized ladies:

An excellent infographic on dressing to your body type

For GSM individuals:

A well-written article on how to “come out”, I personally can vouch for this one as it’s the one I used to build up the confidence to tell my own parents. 

Loving parents write messages to GSM youth who do are not welcome back home for the holidays

Are you questioning your gender identity? This may be able to help. 

Alternately, if your partner is questioning their identity, this interview may shed a little light on what you’ll experience together as a couple. 

For those curious about human rights issues:

“I need feminism because” is housed here. Feel free to submit your own reasons!

Important information on leaving an abusive partner.

Ever wondered “is what I’m about to say racist?” This guy can help.

An article written by a disabled person with advice on how to overcome daily obstacles

For when life’s got you down:

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed with stress, this article offers some good advice on coping.

Ever feel like the news is all bad? DailyGood has positive headlines sure to cheer you up.

 If you need a quick pick-me-up, here’s an emergency compliment generator

And if all else fails, here’s Animal Plant’s “Too Cute” webpage, sure to make you smile!


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